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  1. codersteve says:

    you can put 45 pennies, 2 nickels, 2 dimes, and 1 quarter (50 coins) in your purse that add up to $1.00.

    Mathematically it’s a 4-variable system.

    Let’s assign some variables:

    a = # of pennies
    b = # of nickels
    c = # of dimes
    d = # of quarters

    Then from the problem we know that:

    a b c d = 50 (50 coins) eq. 1

    We also know that:

    a 5b 10c 25d = 100 ($1.00) eq. 2

    If we subtract eq. 1 from eq. 2 then we have:

    4b 9c 24d = 50 eq. 3

    Let’s divide eq. 3 by 4:

    b 2.25c 6d = 12.5 eq. 4

    Now, if we can solve eq. 4, then we’ll have the answer. Unfortunately the problem does not provide enough information for us to solve eq. 4 mathematically. However, we can try to solve it by simple deduction.

    b 2.25c 6d = 12.5

    We know we can not have more than one d, because 2 d’s will make the left hand side of the equation add up to be more than 12.5 (right hand side of equation) even if we only have one b, and one c.

    So, we have just confirmed that we have one d (one quarter).

    If d = 1, then eq. 4 becomes:

    b 2.25c = 6.5

    The only way for this equation to hold true would be for c = 2, because if c = 1, then b would not be an integer, and if c = 3, then the left hand side of the equation will exceed 6.5 (right hand side of equation).

    So, there we have it:

    d = 1 (1 quarter)
    c = 2 (2 dimes)
    b = 2 (2 nickels)

    From eq. 1 we then deduct that a = 45 (45 pennies).

    Interesting SAT question. Keep them coming!

  2. Emelia says:

    that was really random..but i want to c my friends struggle…even i struggled…badly..i didnt even get it.