I get a lot of forwards from my friends and coworkers.  A LOT.  But you'd have to agree with me that, over time, these funnies take up a lot of space in your email.  So I figured I could post all the great forwards I receive here on this blog (thanks to the tutorial on howtostartablog.com!).  And if you want to add your joke of the day, feel free to contact me with your joke and I will post it for you. Since this is merely a compilation of forwards that I get, I do not know who owns them.  So if any of these funnies/puzzles are infringing on your copyright, please contact me and I will immediately remove it from my site.  Otherwise, grin, giggle, and laugh your heart out!  Enjoy these funny things to forward (feel free to forward to your friends and family).

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  2. cindy says:

    How do I forward this? thanks

  3. I think you guys need to send me more forwards, more times a day. I love to forward e-mails and get e-mails.

  4. Kristin says:

    I mean ya…..I love getting e-mails……especially when Hot,Sexy guys send them to me.

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